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Kala was born in the united states of america, she is certified clinical massage therapist from Moreno College for complimentary medicine from 2010 experience working in Beit derech Haim of Clalit for 4 years and in Coola Spa for 7 years. Kala opened Kala Clinic at 2017. Kala studied 2021 orthopedic massage at Dr.Aharon  Yakobi and then went on to studying clinical massage therapy with Tracheal Alfons.

Kala is a certified coach from the Hendricks Institute in California since 2009, which includes breath work on releasing emotional baggage from the developmental stages, and she has a B.A in Psychology cum laude from the Open University of Israel.


Certification by the Hendricks Institute that I'm qualified as a body mind vibrance coach which is a fancy name for being certified as a breath coach.

Certification by the Hendricks Institute that I'm qualified as a body mind vibrance coach which is a fancy name for being certified as a breath coach.

תעודה שאני מוסמכת כמאמנת זוגית ומאמנת לנשימה בשיטת ההנדריקס .

מי אני


I offer therapeutic massages only. Combining a number of techniques that I think are the fastest and most effective to effect from the first treatment such as: release fascia tissue, tension with resistance, trigger point, stretching athletes.

For therapy to be effective it must last an hour and a half because each area where it is focused is problematic and takes time to work on it, and also to be able to combine several techniques to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Massage for Athletes

Athletes Massage helps sports practitioners prepare their bodies for optimal performance or for body recovery after a sporting event.
Sports massage is also intended for athletes, not just professional athletes.
This massage is focused on the type of activity, whether cycling or running, which makes it very easy to load the loads associated with this activity, and to release all the parts of the muscle by means of special stretching done in combination with me and the patient together to maximum effect.

This massage is also suitable for sports enthusiasts who train for a marathon or for those suffering from injuries such as tennis elbow, golf elbow.

Deep tissues massage

Deep tissue massage is a specific, effective, focused massage on the cause of the pain.

Deep tissue massage is distinguished by the use of trigger points that are seizures in muscle fibers that project pain to another area.

The use of pain in tissue massage is a sign that shows me as a masseuse where to focus to release the pain and increase range of motion. During the course of the treatment, I examine the movement of the joints and sensitivity of the area to the pain several times until I see pain relief and improvement in range of motion

Massage to improve posture

With prolonged sitting in front of the computer that causes the shoulders to be rounded forward and constant pressure on the shoulders and shoulder area.

This massage uses special stretching techniques to open the thorax and thus bring back the shoulders.

This massage significantly relieves people suffering from scoliosis and kyphosis by using a gentle technique of stretching the ligaments that wrap muscle groups together and directly affect the posture and use of Trigger Point to relieve specific pain Resulting from the poor curve or posture.

90 minutes fascia release

The fascia is a connective tissue that binds muscle groups together and is responsible for our posture.

Studies have found that it is not enough to release muscle, but also to release the fascia because it is also responsible for a lot of pain and maintenance of poor posture.

In order to release the fascia, delicate stretching should be performed between 2-5 minutes, and then the fascia turns from a difficult situation into a gel-like state and is released. It is a gentle massage without oil and only gentle stretching.

Massage and therapeutic pregnancy

A pregnant woman experiences body changes that directly affect her posture and can cause pain, such as pelvic and lower back pain, sciatica, leg cramps, difficulty breathing deeply, and edema.

Pregnancy massage is specifically tailored to the loads that a pregnant woman experiences while avoiding areas where pregnancy is not allowed.

Pregnancy massage helps to sleep more deeply, increases oxygen to the fetus and blood flow. Pregnancy massage is allowed from week 16 during a normal pregnancy.

Helps pump blood and release muscle.

The treatment is done with silicone cups, not static, placed on the body, but are in motion and with active stretching in which the patient participates.


Traditional cupping cups have been common in Chinese folk medicine for hundreds of years, originally made of glass and their use included the use of a flame to heat the place. Soft silicone cups are soft, flexible and pleasant

90-minute cupping treatment

This method was developed by Dr. Gay Hendricks

The method works to strengthen the diaphragm and then pass through the stages of development in childhood.

According to developmental psychologists, like Erik Erikson, as a result of childhood, we covet a certain rate of good or evil. For example, in the first year of our lives we learn trust or mistrust depends on our personal experience.

Hendrix breathing method

If we learn distrust, then this lesson will follow us through the pattern of distrust of people throughout our lives.
During respiratory work we will recognize that this is a difficult lesson for us, because breathing will stop, we will feel constriction in the chest, shrink in the body.

This method is used with the lesson on breathing until it is smooth and flowing, and the feeling is good in the body. This will be a sign that this rate is no longer a defective pattern in our lives.

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